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We Help Re-Write Your Story

Who doesn’t wish to enjoy a sumptuous lifestyle of greater opportunities?

However, a bad credit score is what will hinder you from achieving your goals. Devoid of appropriate financial literacy, millions of people struggle with a low credit score. Your credit report could be fraught with unfair items such as collections, charge offs, repossessions, credit inquiries, derogatory marks, child support, public records, etc. and keep you from the actual score you deserve. Here at PRI we go directly to the source to get these derogatory marks removed within a timely matter.

A bad credit score can disqualify you from a myriad of necessary choices such as a credit card, renting an apartment, or even drawing a personal loan, even home buying. 

So, do have a goal to know what is hurting your credit score. 

Get in touch with the credit repair experts at PRI, and build a lifetime positive relationship with your score. 

We help re- write your story !!!

Your credit score is not just a number, it is reflection of your habits, bill paying ability, relationship building,do you pay your bills on time,do you keep your DTI low.

Here at PRI we focus on you , your story, and your resolution, to bring a change not only with your credit score but also introduce you to being financially free!!!

Take a stand today and become finically free with PRI within the next 120 days.

We have successfully serviced over 1800+ clients.

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